Corporate briefing

Cloud Investment Holdings Limited (formerly known as China Bio Cassava Holdings Limited) (HKSE code: 8129) was jointly founded by Mr. Mark Leung and Mr. Vincent Lau in 1995.  The Company owns one of the world’s leading Chinese character inputting system, and its products and services include the Matrix mapping system, Q9 CIS and Qcode Chinese character inputting system.

After the restructuring of shareholdings in the Company in 2007, Culturecom Holdings Limited (a company listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong) became the single most substantial shareholder of the Company.  Envisioning new market trends and demand, China Bio Cassava Holdings Limited repositioned its business focus and developed a strategic alliance with Becky Bio Agro to develop proprietary micro-organism IP (intellectual property) and registered a number of patents.  Business scope of the Company has been expanded to become a technology provider of “Bio Cassava energy system” and equipment which comply with national standards in China.  With this strategic alliance, the Company is confident that we can help our business partners build up impeccable new bio fuel manufacturing plants, and help breakthrough the existing bottlenecks of China’s bio fuel industry through the joint efforts with our business partners. In April 2008, China Bio Cassava Holdings Limited officially started the construction of the first bio cassava ethanol plant in Loonghwa Mountain, located in Yunfu County of Guangdong province.  This pioneer ethanol site adopted the “Luo Ding Rhodobacterium” (a kind of photosynthetic bacteria), which is our proprietary “Double Streaming Addition” ethanol residual fermentation processing technique.  The plant is expected to be completed and to commence production in October 2008, and we invite potential investors to become our business partners. However, in March 2017, Culturecom Holdings Limited ceased to be the company’s substantial shareholder, and the Group discontinued its operations in the development of biotech renewable energy during the first quarter of 2017.

Now, the Group are principally engaged in the computer software and embedded systems development, sales and licensing of the software and systems and the provision of financing services. For the provision of financing services, our aim is to help customers overcome financial difficulty through providing professional advice and loan services. Various types of loan services, including personal loans, revolving loans, mortgages and small and medium-sized enterprises loans, are developed to help meet consumers’ financial needs. To strengthen our financing services, we have extended our application channel to the online platform, on which our customers can receive our financing services in a simple and more efficient way.

For the software development, “Q9 Anywhere” is our slogan. We are committed to providing customers with high quality Chinese input software products and services, and strive to continually develop products that meet the needs of customers. With our principal innovative proprietary “matrix mapping system”, our flagship product Q9 Character Input System allows our customers to input Chinese characters in an easy way. We intend to make Q9 available anywhere. Over the years, we have extended our product portfolio to other languages, including English, Japanese and Korean, with broad interfaces to multi-platforms, including mobile telephones, PDAs and PCs.

Moreover, the management of the Group has been actively exploring other business opportunities in order to diversify the existing business of the Group and to explore new markets with potential. In July 2017, the Group commenced its new business into financial public relations industry with the entering into several strategic cooperation agreements with several cooperating companies whose shares are either listed or not listed in the Stock Exchange, pursuant to which, the Group will provide professional financial public relations services to each of the cooperating companies, including public relations services, investor relations services, event coordination, media relationship management and capital markets branding, etc.